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Research methods in molecular and cell biology: Study Guide.

Fakhardo A.F., Ulasevich S.A., Prilepskii A.Y., Vinogradov V.V. Research methods in molecular and cell biology: Study Guide. - Saint-Petersburg: ITMO University, 2021. - 52 с. - экз.

Аннотация :

     The manual outlines the main methods of working with adherent animal cell cultures, provides examples of determining the cytotoxicity of nanoparticles using the assessment of mitochondrial respiratory activity (MTT test), staining with fluorescent and absorption dyes, describes the necessary laboratory equipment: laminar box, incubator, inverted microscope, cell counter. The manual is aimed at developing basic skills in working with cell cultures during toxicological experiments.

     It is intended for graduate students of the СhemBio cluster of ITMO University enrolled in the Molecular Biology and Biotechnology program (disciplines "Methods in nanomedicine", "Nanotoxicology" and "Advanced Materials for Biomedical Applications"), and can also be recommended to students of natural sciences when they perform several works in specialized workshops.

Описание :

     Recommended for Use at ITMO UNIVERSITY in the field of training 19.04.01 Biotechnology as a teaching aid for the implementation of basic professional educational programs of higher education  magistracy.


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