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Basic Computer. Part 1: Study guide.

D.B. Afanasev, I.A. Bessmertny, S.V. Bykovskii, A.G. Ilina, S.V. Klimenkov, J.A. Koroleva Basic Computer. Part 1: Study guide. - Санкт-Петербург: Университет ИТМО, 2020. - 112 с. - экз.

Аннотация :

The study guide contains theoretical and practical materials to conduct a laboratory work on «Computer Basics». It covers such topics as computer architecture, data representation in computers, processor instruction formats, principles of low-level program execution, concepts of program flow, subprograms and machine cycles.The study guide explains how a computer executes programs and how it handles data. For practice the students are offered to use a simplified Basic Computer Model, which was designed at ITMO and successfully tested by generations of students. The model allows rapid development of skills to interact with internal features of computers, such as registers, internal memory, control and arithmetic units. It helps to create knowledge background to study more complex concepts in programming and computer architecture.The study guide is for foreign computer science students of 09.03.01 «Informatics and Computer Engineering» of ITMO University and Hangzhou Dianzi University joint bachelor's program «Computer Science and Technology».

Описание :

Recommended as a study guide 09.03.01 «Informatics and Computer Engineering» ITMO University and Hangzhou Dianzi University joint Bachelor's program «Computer Science and Technology».


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